In the Interest of Safety

We don’t have events like this happen very often anymore. With more evidence suggesting that the Metrojet aircraft was brought down by an explosive device, we have to look once again how such an event was allowed to have happened, and in that interim there is bound to be some disruption as we revert to a safety first attitude.

While the UK has been relatively safe over the last twenty years, we have a strict and robust security presence at all our airports. It has now become routine practice not to take sharp objects and the more recent rule on liquids.

Unfortunately those rules are not followed everywhere. Reports have come out of Sharm El Sheikh over the last week of being ‘fasttracked’ through security, with people taking large bottles of water, light ‘pat downs’ and inconsistent screening. It certainly doesn’t sound up to the standards of Western Europe.

The same can be said for where you hold luggage heads too. It is now common practice to screen luggage heading into the hold, but it doesn’t look like that has happened in Sharm, with reports of baggage handlers being asleep on the job.

Heading home without your luggage isn’t something which everyone is going to be happy with, but it is necessary evil if it means that everyone coming home is going to be safe. It should only be a short term measure, but it at least shows how seriously it has all been taken.

Who knows what the future will bring, but I for one can see British or EU airlines being restricted by the British Government on destinations they can fly if the standard of security at airports is not up to standard. The threat of IS on western aircraft now looks to be real, so this could just be the start of a new aviation crisis.

Whatever happens, no matter how inconvenient at the time remember ‘it’s in the interest of safety’.