A Squeeze of Orange?

The European aviation scene is an interesting one at the moment with a lot of movement between the big players. There are those who are going to miss out, and those which could potentially make large capacity gains, leaving just three of four groups. With the ever increasing attempt of creating a more ‘upmarket’ image […]

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Monte Carlo or bust?

Well, once again I went off on one of the outstanding British Airways Club Europe offers from London’s Gatwick Airport, this time to the South of France and the majestic city of Nice. As always, my trip was somewhat of a speedy one – not given that January is the busiest time in the travel […]

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Upgauging and Densification

There is a trend in the aviation industry at the moment. How can we get more people on our aircraft? There are two easy answers to that one, either fitting more people into the same space or having larger aircraft. We have seen this on long haul – no longer is it all about the […]

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The Venice before Christmas

This trip to Venice was somewhat unplanned. I say unplanned as it booked via an extremely advantageous airfare with British Airways at relatively late notice for me. Advantageous I hear you say, that’s a bit of a strange word to use, but having recently flown on the last ever 737 flight from Gatwick I was […]

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