It’s our risk, and it always has been

Life is risky, there are always obstacles in our way, they are ready and waiting for us. It could be our health, our career, our education, our relationships and sadly in some cases ourselves.

In life there is always risk. It’s there when I walk to my local shops and doctors surgery where I have to walk across a busy road, at the moment there is risk when I take a late booking, there is risk making sure you have the right group of friends around you, and yes, risk in believing to do the right thing.

However much governments want to try, you cant remove risk from a pandemic. As Australia has demonstrated, even having a closed border with the most extreme of entry requirement still hasn’t stopped the virus from entering the country and causing multiple lockdowns (and they too have the Delta variant). There too is risk in a country like Sweden having a more relaxed approach, or India where large populations make it easier to spread.

We were told last year, vaccines would be the way out, a way to mitigate that risk – risk of the NHS not being able to cope with the number who need hospital treatment. First it was the vulnerable groups, then the over 50’s, now it seems the plan to be most adults. Unless the vaccines are completely ineffective, or there has to be an element of risk – or we will just never reopen.

Tomorrow, the travel and aviation industries unite. Government needs to understand that there will always be challenges when coming out of a pandemic – yes, there are always going to be variants, some countries will have more cases than us, and yes, it may mean that more cases are imported into the country. Doing nothing is not an option, as there will likely be nothing left of the industry.

The industries know the risks involved, and are ready to deal with those as they come – as long as the government is prepared to spend a bit of money to keep travel and aviation on life support with sector specific support in order to bridge the divide, we can make sure that people have safe and happy journeys abroad.

It has always been our personal risk, we decide if its a risk we are able to take. Why Coronavirus should be a special case where it is decided on our behalf the government should take the approach of being risk adverse goes against everything our country believes in.