The Venice before Christmas

This trip to Venice was somewhat unplanned. I say unplanned as it booked via an extremely advantageous airfare with British Airways at relatively late notice for me. Advantageous I hear you say, that’s a bit of a strange word to use, but having recently flown on the last ever 737 flight from Gatwick I was […]

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24 hours in Brussels

I have been doing a lot of short trips recently. I went to Turin for the day in order to take the last ever British Airways 737 scheduled flight, a couple of days in Holland to visit the Delft pottery museum and the usual trip in February to Barcelona for Formula One Winter Testing. Again, […]

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Surprise and Delight

For someone who only ever seems to talk about travel and the aviation industry, you would wonder what role entertainment would have in our world. Well, actually there is a lot – after all they are still selling a product, just the same as a travel agent, tour operator, hotel, airline or cruise company. It’s […]

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