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We Have The Vaccines – So Now What?

“We were told that vaccines were the way out of this. We have the vaccines, we have the vaccines.”

Going back as far as last spring, a vaccine to reduce the effects of Covid-19 was hailed as the solution to getting our lives back on track. Even back in October when a new variant spread across the country, and brought several towns and cities to a standstill, vaccines were still the saving grace.

Then we get to Christmas, with the government wanting to try and make sure that people were able to see each other, which ultimately just wasn’t possible. Hope was at least given, with the lifeline that with vaccines ramping up, we could move Christmas to Easter.

Yes, the vaccination programme has gone well. Better than the whole of Europe, however as there has been with this government all along there is a ‘but’, instilling fear and division across the nation.

Now we have the vaccines, we’re told they might not be the right vaccines. With different variants appearing around the world, in South America, South Africa and here in the UK – the government have taken that hope away suggesting that a mutation could evade the current vaccine. Maybe we will need a booster, maybe that will come later in the year – but many people won’t be able to hold on for that long.

It should be a surprise, that is what happens to Coronavirus. Its why there is a different flu vaccine every year to ward off what the expected changes are from year to year. The government knew this, and is now stringing us along, fear gripping the nation that the next mutation will be deadly. There is no proof that is the case and even if the vaccine is less effective against it, it shouldn’t have the severe cases seen in the last year. Some have even suggested that symptoms could be as little as a runny nose.

So, while the government is running project fear – lockdown, borders effectively closed and the fear that its to remain for a while yet, we question why?

The aviation and travel industry has seen a 90% reduction in revenue year-on-year compared to last February, this is just not sustainable. People want to travel, they are happy to travel once they have had the vaccine – and it appears it is safe to do so. Once again, the government has shut down the industry with no support and no guidance to how it can all be restarted, to what is the worst effected industry through the pandemic.

Where do we go from here? I think most would say, somewhere for a holiday…!

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