Luxury Holidays

Who would want to be a travel agent?

Who would want to be a travel agent? Who wouldn’t want to be some might say, all the glamour and carefree lifestyle ‘swanning off’ around the world. Yeah, really?

It is in times like this we consult with our therapist, when the impossible bears upon our shoulders. Not really easy or practical to do that at the moment, so were ‘flying solo’, so to speak. Its us against the world, or at least it feels like it.

More often or not, much of our work is driven by personal connections built upon years of trust and sometimes friendship. Each and every one means something special. We know the small details that make a holiday elevate to something that is truly memorable.

Though now, as we find ourselves in quite extraordinary times we are the ones stuck between a rock and a hard place. Tour operators who might not have that special touch, and sees that person as just no more than a number, no matter what their circumstance.

There are quite legitimate reasons why someone may prefer a refund over a ‘recommended’ Refund Credit Note. You might not able to defer a holiday. I’m sure there are many with terminal illnesses who were looking forward to that one last holiday, which should be so important and special, who are no longer able to do that. The elderly who are unsure of their ability to travel in the future, or the impending financial hardship which is likely to sweep across the world.

Each of those individuals have their own story, their own motivation, their own future. Not everyone is the same, so therefore can’t be dealt with in the same way.

Its not my fault, I haven’t created this. I just work with the cards I’m dealt.

In times like this you find out who your friends really are, and those who just hide away in the corner, burying their heads in the sand. You can’t ignore everyone who won’t conform, after all they are only human too.

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