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Cheaper doesn’t mean better

People often ask me why they should book with a travel agent, when booking online is cheaper. Its the same as people asking me if I do ‘deals’, in which my response is no, I ‘do’ holidays. Neither is it the case that travel agents should be cheaper as there is so much more than the average person sees from the outside, and very rarely do you hear someone say I want a ‘better’ holiday. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily buy you financial protection. Its’s all well and good saying that a credit card would cover it, but there are instances where that just isn’t possible. What about that villa you have seen online where you have to pay them by bank transfer, or the instance where your flight has been cancelled or diverted and you are stuck with prepaid accommodation? Financial protection doesn’t sound exciting, but its there for your safety and security with travel one of the leading industries in keeping their customers money safe. We have ABTA financial protection, along with alternatives such as TTA or ABTOT, ATOL and the regulations bound by under the latest version of the Package Travel Regulations. Cut corners by getting a holiday cheaper when booking directly with a hotel doesn’t buy you any protection apart from your credit card, and even then its only about your money, not your experience. Surely that’s better? Cheaper doesn’t buy a trusted person at the end of the phone or email, accessible 24 hours a day – especially when you need them the most. We care, we care about you, your family and your travelling companions, so if there is a problem we will always be there to sort it out in partnership with our tour operator partners. We only select the partners with whom we work with on their service. Yes, that might mean we are more expensive than something which is online, but when things go wrong – and yes things outside of all our control sometimes means things go wrong, then we can sort it, and sort it quickly. Cheaper doesn’t always get you what you really want. Many travel professionals have been doing this for a long time and have a huge wealth and depth of knowledge, coming up with ideas you might have never have even considered. You only get that by strong relationships and knowing your every need. When you’re looking at something online, you’re only looking at what you think you like with nobody of experience guiding you. Cheaper doesn’t get you your own personal assistant when travelling. Someone who will help with visa forms, printing boarding passes and checking-in online. Maybe there is a flight time change and you need to change the times for car parking at the airport, or lounge or maybe even the airport you depart from. Surely nobody would turn down the offer of making going away easier? Cheaper doesn’t get you small added touches, polishing your travel experience. That might be chauffeur transfers from home, or a lounge, It might even mean securing an upgrade at a hotel through our extensive contacts in the industry, or getting the best view of any room at the hotel. Its just not possible to replicate as an individual. Sometime cheaper just means cheaper. How many buy the cheapest iPhone possible, only to find out they have run out of storage in six months? How many book a flight at 6am in the morning, only to get to the airport and complain as to why the flight is so early? How many complain with the view of the hotel room when just booking the lead-in room?A travel agent might not always be cheaper, but what we can do is make your holiday better. In the end, doesn’t everyone want a better holiday?

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