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The Venice before Christmas

This trip to Venice was somewhat unplanned. I say unplanned as it booked via an extremely advantageous airfare with British Airways at relatively late notice for me. Advantageous I hear you say, that’s a bit of a strange word to use, but having recently flown on the last ever 737 flight from Gatwick I was on the lookout for somewhere to go, although maybe not as quickly as I was expecting. Just as it would happen, British Airways launched a quite amazing flash sale – £150pp return in Club Europe to a number of destinations in Europe from Gatwick.

There were quite a number of destinations to choose from including: Seville, Malta, Nice, Marrakech, Verona – but I seemed to have an attraction to Venice. So that was booked, upon the fare rules which meant a two night stay – coming back on Christmas Eve Eve (Which I now believe is a day!).

So, the train it was down to Gatwick – which worked well, leaving at an amazingly early time in the morning for the departure time at noon. It would mean that I could spend a little bit of time in the Terraces lounge, which is closing in January for the last time. Things will be changing at the North Terminal for British Airways passengers in 2016.

The flight was slightly delayed, although not until we actually boarded the aircraft. We actually boarded at the same time as the Captain, who was very jovial! It was an Air Traffic delay because of the French, so we left stand on time and taxied out, holding outside the new extension to the South Terminal for about 45 minutes.

The hotel I had chosen was the Carnival Palace, and it was convenient that it was on the Water Bus route into the city, but not much more. It was so far out that I actually got lost on Tuesday and for anyone who knows me knows that I rarely get lost!

That even I went out for a walk in the city, which amazingly for December was quite warm despite the fog which had descended over Venice. It at least gave me time to get my bearings.

A full day on Tuesday meant a visit to the Mainland and the ‘town’ of Mestre. I wanted to see what their Christmas Market was like, but I left disappointed back to the train station. The rest of the day was spent walking around the cobbled streets of Venice. I even found a restaurant I liked the look of, but boy could I find it later – NO!

Wednesday meant a return back to Marco Polo Airport, and this time I took the bus from Piazzale Roma. At €8 it is half the price of the Water Bus, and was actually quicker overall, stopping right outside the door rather than trooping across the car park.

The fog was still not good though, sitting in the lounge with a fantastic panoramic view over the apron it would have been great on a clear day – alas, not today and in fact I think it was getting worse, not better. British Airways once again were impeccable, and a great way of rounding off the short stay in Venice… Now ready for the next one!!

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