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Dresden Christmas Market – My Favourite So Far!

Dresden isn’t exactly one of the easiest places to get to, although has long been on my list for visiting the Christmas Market.

Last year I went to Nuremberg, and that was a toss up of going there or to Dresden. At the time there was a direct flight from London City to Dresden with CityJet, but since their restructure the route has been dropped. It has been operated over the years by several airlines including British Airways from Gatwick and Lufthansa from Heathrow, but currently it isn’t served by an airline to the UK.
That left me with two options, I could fly indirect and for that my choice would be British Airways to Dusseldorf changing onto Air Berlin for the second hop, or to fly into an alternative airport and take the train.

With a look at the flights, I decided to use my home airport of Luton to fly to Berlin Schoenefeld (and what is due to become the new Berlin airport) and take the direct train from Berlin to Dresden which would take just about two hours, arriving mid afternoon – perfect for going to the Christmas Market in the evening.

My hotel of choice was the Swissotel, a 5* hotel in the centre of the old town and just across the road from the largest and most famous Christmas Market in Dresden. Really, you couldn’t get a more perfect location. Not only that, it was a superb hotel. The staff were some of the best I have encountered anywhere around the world, so accommodating and making sure that every guest had everything they wanted. I certainly would like to stay again, and I have never been to the same Christmas Market twice.

The market was excellent, with a great range of stalls and much more so than other I have seen in Munich and Hamburg. My primary reason for going is to get Stollen for Christmas, and as Dresden is the home of Stollen I wasn’t disappointed. There are more Stollen outlets here than possibly all the other Christmas Markets put together. Sometimes there are just one or two, but here there were at least six, and maybe even more.

The thing I like when I travel is to find something unexpected, and once again this happened in Dresden. I have no idea who this is, but he performed a great rendition of Nella Fanastia – I’m sure the proper music video they were filming will be online soon!

I’m going again next year, it really was that good!

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