Luxury Holidays

Back on the Road Again

It has been a while, but I have fallen in love with travelling again.

That might be a funny thing to say for someone who loves travel products, but a number of circumstances of the last few years has meant it has been curtailed somewhat. Thankfully health issues are now behind me, and I now feel confident to be ‘back on the road again’.

I took the conscious decision five years ago that I wouldn’t go on any more industry ‘fam trips’ unless it was an extraordinary opportunity. In fact, I haven’t been on a ‘fam trip’ since 2010 and even then it was somewhat of a mistake.

Instead I am funding my own trips, setting my own agenda wherever I go! Over the last couple of years that has been curtailed to just the Formula One Barcelona Test, a short trip in the summer and a Christmas Market.

Things are changing though, and I have finally got the confidence to travel again. It started with the wonderful short trip to Turin – coming home on the final British Airways 737 flight. I travel to Brussels next month for a concert, then on to another German Christmas Market in Dresden.

Shortly afterwards, I am sampling the Club Europe product on British Airways with a couple of days in Venice just before Christmas. After New Year in heading to Nice in early January, and then back for the Formula One Barcelona test at the end of February.

So that’s a busy winter! It doesn’t stop there, with a short trip to Valencia, for May Bank Holiday Weekend.

Travel is certainly back on the agenda, and all my thoughts will be posted exclusively here.

Happy travelling!

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