Swiss goes stylish with new 777-300 for long haul

Swiss have unveiled their new long haul product, twinned with the imminent arrival of the Boeing 777-300, the new flagship aircraft of the carriers fleet.

Starting in January, the carrier will receive the first of nine 777 aircraft and will be the largest in the fleet seating 340 passengers in a three class configuration.  Seating eight in First Class, sixty two in Business Class and two hundred and seventy in Economy. The cabin interior has been totally redesigned and shows of an elegantly Swiss interior with natural shades and wood featuring throughout the aircraft.


On trend featuring private suites at the front of the aircraft, there is seating for 8 in a four abreast configuration (1-2-1) in First Class. New features includes a private wardrobe while the 2m private suite has been designed with quietness in mind. Storage has also been increased, as well as an extra toilet for the 8 guests.


Business Class is a revision on the previous version, designed specifically for Swiss. The seat looks like a mini version of the First Class seat, and still has a bed which is over 2m long. The difference is the privacy, with a tighter configuration, and a number of the seats also still don’t have direct aisle access.


Although it looks good, Economy is the most disappoint product with the airline heading to a now standard tight configuration on the 777. A 3-4-3 layout on the new aircraft now puts it in line with Air France, KLM, Emirates and Air Canada. Nice touches though include a help yourself kiosk for snacks, and WiFi throughout the aircraft.

This really is one stylish aircraft, and despite the tight configuration in Economy will be one to watch out for. Certainly a good alternative to the Middle Eastern carriers.

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