The Art of Changing Perception

It is great to be successful to one market, but that isn’t always the sure fire way to keep that success going in the future. You never know what is around the corner and to futureproof from what could otherwise be a difficult time is surely the most prudent and sensible plan of action.

The hardest thing to do thought is if you are selling something at a cheap price and have done for a number of years, how do you get people to pay more without adding a substantial cost to the bottom line. People will naturally always look at price first, value second – but it is not really the selling price, it might be twice as expensive as it was say five years ago, but how does it compare against the current competition.

Value is really the selling proposition then, what can be offered over the competition or how can it be done better to gain those few extra pounds. In reality it is the simple things that make the difference, people like friendliness and trust those who empathise and understand their situation. In the travel business that is generally the split between leisure and business travellers who are looking for different products from an airline or hotel.

The thing is having a reputation for cheap, also often comes with the tag of being unhelpful and poor in a crisis with the emphasis on ‘you get what you pay for’. What can you do to win those around?

Really there isn’t anything specific apart from giving exactly what the customer wants at a price they believe is good value. Maybe then, even that might not be enough to swing the naysayers around.

It really is a time for changing perceptions, winning on price isn’t winning, its winning on value which is the killer.

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